The Novo Twins [Newborn Session] + Some News!

Enjoying it!

Enjoying it!

It’s been over a year since we/I last posted a blog. yeaaaahhhh….it’s just so easy to Instagram and subdue that content ADD in your stories. But I (leslie) wanted to post this because there are so many babies in my life now (including this dude Luke Carl Schmidt who came to chill last October). I’m sure you’ve had at least a shoot or two with this mister, mister strapped to me. 

But some fun, exciting news is this will be my last blog post as ‘Escaped Studios’. Not going away- but it’s time for a rebrand. When I first started ES, it was to encapsulate all aspects of content that I’ve been obsessed with forever, Photo, Video, Graphics, etc. But Escaped has really taken on a life of its own with photo, and I’m excited to finally put my name to my work. So stay tuned for ES’ transformation to ‘Leslie Schmidt Photography’ in the next month (yay)! I’ve been working on the site for a while and I’m really looking forward to showcasing some of the amazing weddings, family, newborn, brand and lifestyle images from this incredible year. 

Leslie Final.jpg

Fancy New Headshot


Additionally, what you might/might not know is that I’ve been working full time with an unreal Creative Content Agency Koi-Fly Creative as their Director of Content for 2 years now (insane). I’ve had the opportunity to  Direct, Produce and Develop some unique video/photo projects. I am so grateful to have this amazing job with these beyond talented people. If you’re in need of some creative video content - still reach out! 

Okay! That’s what’s been going on. That AND my sister had twins. Legit TWINS. They are to die for cute, of course we had to shoot - and well, ENJOY!

Kendall Marie and Conor Joseph <3

Kendall Marie and Conor Joseph <3

Deanna [Maternity Session]

We had the most amazing winter light this shoot. Of course with winter light comes winter chills. You would never know from these captures. It was a total dream to work with Deanna and Jake. She was truly THE most beautiful mamma to be and so up to get the best light in the beautiful woods of St. Peter's Village. Not to mention, the camera is obsessed with her. See below for yourself. We can't wait to meet your little girl! 

Also huge thanks to Cameron Peters Floral Design in Phoenixville, PA for the incredible flower crown.

Beach Caddy [Original Content]

If you're down the shore most of the summer season you'll wanna read the rest of this post to hear more about and how you can make the most annoying part of going to the beach so much easier.

The Beach Caddy Team reached out to us with a common problem: a group with an idea who's idea quickly boomed and they needed original content to ramp up their website and their social marketing strategies. So we met them out documenting what they do best 4th of July weekend and came up with some pretty cool stuff. 

What I love most about this type of client, is that a lot of our photos can be live! What do I mean by that? It's a quick flip over to video while we're shooting stills to give you dynamic content of that image as well. Additionally-  those snippets can be utilized perfectly to create eye catching social ads ultimately driving more traffic to your site and more exposure to your business. Wanna see what I mean? Check out below as well as some of our favorite shots from the session. 

Looking for original content and don't know where to start? Let's get you captured!

Book Now! [Final Mini Sessions of the Year!]

We've had some amazing mini and full family photo shoots this year! We cannot thank everyone enough who came out to get captured by Escaped Studios! 

A quick and easy way to get some fun snaps of your family are MINI SESSIONS. We're announcing our final mini session date of the year. NOV 11th!

Full family photo sessions are still available for booking anytime , but if you only have about 30 min of your day and are in the crunch to get some content for your holiday cards, we're here for you! 

Here's a quick walk through of our Mini's: 
-20 Min session at location (TBD but in the Chester County area)
-$100 for 3 digital photos and (1) 5X7 photo for print + a facebook timeline photo and photography print release. 
-A style guide will be sent to you prior. 
-Feel free to bring any type of props you'd like. We'll also have a set up for you as well.
-We'll get full family shots (if you have kids or no kids), parent & kid shots, individual kid shots (pets too if you want!) and then we're done. 
-We ask that you come 5 min early. 
-Your photos will be delivered to you within 2 weeks. 

Email us today at if you're interested, we'll send you the sign up link and location. If the time slots don't work for your family let us know and we'd be happy to work something out with you!

In the meantime - check out some or our favorite family photos below! Hope to see you on the 11th

Craft Beer Dietitian [Lifestyle Shoot]

Our super friend Mandi came up with a great idea. Mandi is a fiercely loving Mom, a killer dietitian, and THE most knowledgable craft beer person I know. Deciding to take the leap into lifestyle blogging, her idea became reality and the was born. 

A lot of people talk to us about their ideas. Generally, what stops them from making the leap is the fear of representing their style accurately. Where will that original content come from? Well, that's easy... us!

The process of coming up with original lifestyle content isn't the stress it needs to be, and we were glad Mandi chose us to bring that to reality. It's a few brainstorm sessions, some location scouting and a fun day of shooting. We strive to give you a good bank of content that you can utilize for your new site, and your first couple of blog posts. It's the easiest, aesthetically professional way to get you started.  

Check out our favorites from her kick off session below and be sure to follow Mandi on her new journey. @thecraftbeerdietitian (FB, Insta)

We had a great day bouncing around Phoenixville. A HUGE thank you to:

Baby Juliet [Newborn Shoot]

"She's bright like glitter, she's bubbly like champagne" 

A quote couldn't be more true for this little lady. Baby Juliet is the sweetest. Shooting her new digs was photography candy. Finding other Mom's who are addicted to as much as I am is always an added bonus. 

Kim and James ecstatic joy over this lovely is powerful, and shines through their photos. Also - Kim can work a camera...and mannn...that makes our job the most fun! Hope you enjoy viewing as much as we enjoyed shooting. 


Baby Riley [Newborn Shoot]

Ah! So far behind on blogging, but really happy this one was on deck. Greg and I met many many (a few more many's) moons ago at Banyan Productions. We've remained close ever since, and get to work together from time to time still. You can always always count on Greg.  

When he and his amazing wife Meredith asked me to shoot their latest addition Riley - ugh, yeah, NO BRAINER. This kid is so cuuuute. Additionally, so is her A'Dory'ble 'Finding Nemo' themed nursery (I can't take credit for that - but be sure to follow along with their hashtag for her - it's a'dory'bleness overload. #ouradorybleriley. 

Greg and Mere - I'm just so happy for you - and this baby is so so loved, and so so lucky to have you both as parents. I can't wait to watch your journey with her. xoxo

Baby Lincoln [Newborn shoot]

My husband and I couldn't have been more excited when Kate and Charlie told us they were pregnant. Watching them become such loving parents has been heart exploding. When they asked me to do their newborn shoot - I was honored, and truth talk...terrified, because these people are 1) reallllly reallllly good looking and 2) have incredible style (take a look at their Martha Stewart worthy nursery below!). It couldn't have been a more special day. Baby Lincoln is so cool. He watches the room totally alert, and you can see and feel that he's just taking it all in. 

We're so happy for our incredible friends. Congrats Char and Kate. Another gentleman suitor is here!


Bonnie + Steve [The Surprise 40th]

40 years of marriage! It's just incredible to even think about that. It's even more incredible to try and figure out the best way to celebrate such a milestone. So we (Erin, Mikes, Ali, Roo and I) decided the best way would be a surprise intimate dinner and dancing evening made by all of us in the incredible backyard of my in-laws new home. 

It couldn't have been more perfect. Music playing from the year they were married, Bonnie's awesome wedding hat. We strung globe lights, made garlands, lit candles, shared our thanks, shed some happy tears and grilled made to order pizzas. I'm lucky to have such an awesome gang. 

Posting a few of my favorite photos from the night (that group shot though... flash failure - we'll just pretend it's a cool 35mm grain on there, yeah - that's exactly what I was going for, ha!) Happy 40th Bonnie and Steve. We love you! 



Your Brand, Cool Content [Same Day Turnaround-The Motherchic]

Lindsay from The Motherchic a super fun lifestyle, fashion and parenting blog gave us a shout a couple day's ago on the heels of a major fashion event everyone would be covering, the 'Nordstrom Anniversary Sale': 

"I want to set myself apart from other bloggers, think we could do a video? I don't get the clothes until 10AM and would need to shoot and edit by the end of the day for the launch the next day, think we could do it?" 

Duh! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Lindsey always has fun ideas. She kicked off the initial thought and with a little brainstorming we were able to knock out a super cute piece for all her social avenues and successful blog. 

Moral of the story: Don't let tight turnarounds or seemingly crazy ideas stop you from doing something unique and fun! We got you. 

Go check out Lindsey if you have some time too!

Escaped Studios is now FULL TIME!

(Insert butterfly's here)

This has been a long journey and ultimately one that I'm proud of. Coming back from Los Angeles in 2007 meant a lot of things. With the new power of on-line video, the boom of YouTube and the ability to become your own network, it changed my perceived path. Having one hat as a producer wasn't going to get me where I wanted to go. So I picked up a camera and started shooting on my own. 

Little did I know the road that decision would open. From crafting webisodes, to fashion shows, to showcasing military stories, the first ever social media topic driven lifestyle show, this has been an incredible journey one that I've worked with sensational people on and one that I have learned so much from. 

The actual art of shooting is funny. Funny because your style is ever evolving, ever changing, you never know who's going to like your stuff and where it's going to lead you.  When I was asked by an old friend to shoot their wedding photos 6 years ago - I said "Sure, I'm good at video...why not". and from there my obsession with photo was born. 

What a lot of people might not know is that I've been working 2-3 jobs since. A full time job and my side photography and videography businesses. I haven't cared because photography paired with video have been such a passion of mine. I love capturing people's stories. I love stopping moments of time, I love watching those secret looks people give. I love artistically capturing things that people have put their heart and souls into. I love using Video and Photo as a tool to showcase your style, your brand. I love brainstorming with clients and bringing daydream ideas to life. 

So here I am today and so excited to announce that I have decided to take a leap of faith and pursue Escaped Studios full time! 

Escaped Studios is here to be your lifestyle content capturers. (Get it - escaped/captured... ah ha!) 
But ultimately we're here to be your go to hybrid photography and videography studio for your most personal and professional moments. From Wedding/Engagements/Family/Newborns to affordable original photography and videography content for your blogs & business... we're here. 

I really want to thank everyone who has put their faith in me to capture their most important moments over the years. It has been such an immense joy for me to watch you grow and start your lives. 

Here goes nothing. Thanks again for your support. Escaped Studios is looking forward to our next phase and getting you booked for capture this year and beyond!



Inside ES - [The Schmidtter]

Ah ha! You see what I did there now right? Decided to do some testing with the camera today and thought I'd just share with you some of the reno we did in the master bath. I do need to preface the "we" was really an enormous feat by Andrew, my sister Emily, my father in law Steve, my Dad and my other sister Meghan. When we bought the house I had just found out I was pregnant. We also found out that there was asbestos mastic behind all that incredible tile, therefore my participation was way more limited on the back end. Our favorite story is the day we signed for the house, Andrew and I demoed this piece first. I'm struggling to understand who thought half tile up on a wall was a great idea. 

This bathroom was a beast. I'll spare you the insane details and instead showcase some of my favorite space savers. The ultimate being the pocket door! Before this bathroom door swung inward cutting the space down in here by, well, and entire door width. It was crazy. There was also a linen closet directly next to it in the main hallway as well as on in the bathroom, so we knocked it out, pushed that space into our master closet and left a little room for the pocket door. It was a quick and easy way to bring a few more square feet back into this spot. 

My other favorite thing about this bathroom is the custom counter top we had made from Colonial Marble in KOP. The Banjo design (which we got a lot of pushback for) helped create a ton of extra counter space, gave us some nice storage for T's little tub and we love the simple custom feel it now has.  

I'm a big proponent of utilizing some kind of blue hue in the spaces that you want to be feel calm. I loved the hint that came from Behr's line "White Sapphire". The rest is really history. 

Hope you enjoy the before and after. If you ever need a pit stop....



DMac + Colleen [Surprise Proposal]

Capturing a surprise proposal is THE BEST! It's even more exciting when it's one of your friends. The second David (or DMac) called and said he was going to be proposing to his amazing girlfriend of forever, Colleen I jumped out of the chair. Colleen has been living in Manayunk, PA for some time now and is in love with the city (and if you have never been, you should go because you'll love it too). Recently, the iconic Manayunk train bridge was converted into a walking/biking/running/yoga path and Dmac knew this was just the place to pop the question. 

Luckily, I had my trusty up and coming photographer friend Jess in tow. Posing as hardcore runners deep in pre-workout stretching, we stealthily gaged the pass by through our legs. The rest you can check out below. 

So excited for you both! 

Kevin + Lyndsey [Engagement Session]

To my brother Kevin and his bride to be:

Though Kevin isn't my sibling by blood, his three brothers and my three sisters were raised together. For those that know the Nichols/McCormick clan, you've probably seen our bond. I'd even venture to say that we are the closest thing to family that a non-bloodline member could get. So obviously, doing this engagement session for Kev and his beautiful partner Lyndsey, who's more of a sister to us now, was extremely special (for so many gushy reasons I won't list here) but most of all because they are such a piece of me. It was important to capture them as they are: fun, in love and happy.  

Of course the 3 hours that we scheduled on the one day the entire Memorial Day Weekend rained, but a testament to making the best out of any situation. Wouldn't you know we even got a full rainbow. 

I love you K & L!  and to our blog viewers, let us know what you think in the comments! 


Inside ES - [Little T's Room]

My husband Andrew and I bought our current house just over 2 years ago. It had been sitting on the market for over 100 days. We knew the second we stepped foot in this one the potential it had and it's been so fun bringing it back to life. 

Truly, my favorite room transformation thus far is little T's room (our 2 year old). I stumbled across the old listing the other day while prepping for our next adventure and couldn't believe all that's been done. 

This room is small, but has MORE than enough for a little persons room if you outfit it right. I wanted her to have a room that gave her an understanding of the world, nature and a subtle nod to Nellie Bly (hot air balloons). Finding the vintage mirror at Antiques, Etc. in Avalon, NJ was the kick off and the rest was coming up with simple ways to maximize space without hindering the square footage (which wasn't too hard thanks to killer craigslist finds, a little Ikea closet retrofit and some pieces from Land of Nod). 

Here's a little before and after to share with you and a small look into my life on the other side of the camera. 


Sarah + Michael [February 25th, 2017]

This Palm Springs wedding had everything: gorgeous landscapes, beautiful flowers, amazing light and the bride and groom are two of the most easy going, kind people around. Not to mention the crew they rolled with were outstanding. The Desert Ridge Estate in Indio, CA is hands down our favorite location to date. Getting the opportunity to fly out and capture their special day was magical. Enjoy this amazing Cali wedding! 

Whitney + Chris [Engagement Session]

This was a magical night. Chris - my 'creative soul-mate' met the breathtakingly beautiful Whitney and it was instant love from that second on. Watching their relationship grow over these past years has been truly heartwarming. I was so honored that they asked me to marry them next August (Rev Les, coming soon) and equally excited they asked me to take their engagement photos. Hope you enjoy beautiful West Chester, PA and this incredible couple!