Craft Beer Dietitian [Lifestyle Shoot]

Our super friend Mandi came up with a great idea. Mandi is a fiercely loving Mom, a killer dietitian, and THE most knowledgable craft beer person I know. Deciding to take the leap into lifestyle blogging, her idea became reality and the was born. 

A lot of people talk to us about their ideas. Generally, what stops them from making the leap is the fear of representing their style accurately. Where will that original content come from? Well, that's easy... us!

The process of coming up with original lifestyle content isn't the stress it needs to be, and we were glad Mandi chose us to bring that to reality. It's a few brainstorm sessions, some location scouting and a fun day of shooting. We strive to give you a good bank of content that you can utilize for your new site, and your first couple of blog posts. It's the easiest, aesthetically professional way to get you started.  

Check out our favorites from her kick off session below and be sure to follow Mandi on her new journey. @thecraftbeerdietitian (FB, Insta)

We had a great day bouncing around Phoenixville. A HUGE thank you to: