Inside ES - [The Schmidtter]

Ah ha! You see what I did there now right? Decided to do some testing with the camera today and thought I'd just share with you some of the reno we did in the master bath. I do need to preface the "we" was really an enormous feat by Andrew, my sister Emily, my father in law Steve, my Dad and my other sister Meghan. When we bought the house I had just found out I was pregnant. We also found out that there was asbestos mastic behind all that incredible tile, therefore my participation was way more limited on the back end. Our favorite story is the day we signed for the house, Andrew and I demoed this piece first. I'm struggling to understand who thought half tile up on a wall was a great idea. 

This bathroom was a beast. I'll spare you the insane details and instead showcase some of my favorite space savers. The ultimate being the pocket door! Before this bathroom door swung inward cutting the space down in here by, well, and entire door width. It was crazy. There was also a linen closet directly next to it in the main hallway as well as on in the bathroom, so we knocked it out, pushed that space into our master closet and left a little room for the pocket door. It was a quick and easy way to bring a few more square feet back into this spot. 

My other favorite thing about this bathroom is the custom counter top we had made from Colonial Marble in KOP. The Banjo design (which we got a lot of pushback for) helped create a ton of extra counter space, gave us some nice storage for T's little tub and we love the simple custom feel it now has.  

I'm a big proponent of utilizing some kind of blue hue in the spaces that you want to be feel calm. I loved the hint that came from Behr's line "White Sapphire". The rest is really history. 

Hope you enjoy the before and after. If you ever need a pit stop....