Bonnie + Steve [The Surprise 40th]

40 years of marriage! It's just incredible to even think about that. It's even more incredible to try and figure out the best way to celebrate such a milestone. So we (Erin, Mikes, Ali, Roo and I) decided the best way would be a surprise intimate dinner and dancing evening made by all of us in the incredible backyard of my in-laws new home. 

It couldn't have been more perfect. Music playing from the year they were married, Bonnie's awesome wedding hat. We strung globe lights, made garlands, lit candles, shared our thanks, shed some happy tears and grilled made to order pizzas. I'm lucky to have such an awesome gang. 

Posting a few of my favorite photos from the night (that group shot though... flash failure - we'll just pretend it's a cool 35mm grain on there, yeah - that's exactly what I was going for, ha!) Happy 40th Bonnie and Steve. We love you!