Baby Riley [Newborn Shoot]

Ah! So far behind on blogging, but really happy this one was on deck. Greg and I met many many (a few more many's) moons ago at Banyan Productions. We've remained close ever since, and get to work together from time to time still. You can always always count on Greg.  

When he and his amazing wife Meredith asked me to shoot their latest addition Riley - ugh, yeah, NO BRAINER. This kid is so cuuuute. Additionally, so is her A'Dory'ble 'Finding Nemo' themed nursery (I can't take credit for that - but be sure to follow along with their hashtag for her - it's a'dory'bleness overload. #ouradorybleriley. 

Greg and Mere - I'm just so happy for you - and this baby is so so loved, and so so lucky to have you both as parents. I can't wait to watch your journey with her. xoxo