Kevin + Lyndsey [Engagement Session]

To my brother Kevin and his bride to be:

Though Kevin isn't my sibling by blood, his three brothers and my three sisters were raised together. For those that know the Nichols/McCormick clan, you've probably seen our bond. I'd even venture to say that we are the closest thing to family that a non-bloodline member could get. So obviously, doing this engagement session for Kev and his beautiful partner Lyndsey, who's more of a sister to us now, was extremely special (for so many gushy reasons I won't list here) but most of all because they are such a piece of me. It was important to capture them as they are: fun, in love and happy.  

Of course the 3 hours that we scheduled on the one day the entire Memorial Day Weekend rained, but a testament to making the best out of any situation. Wouldn't you know we even got a full rainbow. 

I love you K & L!  and to our blog viewers, let us know what you think in the comments!