Kevin + Lyndsey [Engagement Session]

To my brother Kevin and his bride to be:

Though Kevin isn't my sibling by blood, his three brothers and my three sisters were raised together. For those that know the Nichols/McCormick clan, you've probably seen our bond. I'd even venture to say that we are the closest thing to family that a non-bloodline member could get. So obviously, doing this engagement session for Kev and his beautiful partner Lyndsey, who's more of a sister to us now, was extremely special (for so many gushy reasons I won't list here) but most of all because they are such a piece of me. It was important to capture them as they are: fun, in love and happy.  

Of course the 3 hours that we scheduled on the one day the entire Memorial Day Weekend rained, but a testament to making the best out of any situation. Wouldn't you know we even got a full rainbow. 

I love you K & L!  and to our blog viewers, let us know what you think in the comments! 


Whitney + Chris [Engagement Session]

This was a magical night. Chris - my 'creative soul-mate' met the breathtakingly beautiful Whitney and it was instant love from that second on. Watching their relationship grow over these past years has been truly heartwarming. I was so honored that they asked me to marry them next August (Rev Les, coming soon) and equally excited they asked me to take their engagement photos. Hope you enjoy beautiful West Chester, PA and this incredible couple!