Escaped Studios is now FULL TIME!

(Insert butterfly's here)

This has been a long journey and ultimately one that I'm proud of. Coming back from Los Angeles in 2007 meant a lot of things. With the new power of on-line video, the boom of YouTube and the ability to become your own network, it changed my perceived path. Having one hat as a producer wasn't going to get me where I wanted to go. So I picked up a camera and started shooting on my own. 

Little did I know the road that decision would open. From crafting webisodes, to fashion shows, to showcasing military stories, the first ever social media topic driven lifestyle show, this has been an incredible journey one that I've worked with sensational people on and one that I have learned so much from. 

The actual art of shooting is funny. Funny because your style is ever evolving, ever changing, you never know who's going to like your stuff and where it's going to lead you.  When I was asked by an old friend to shoot their wedding photos 6 years ago - I said "Sure, I'm good at video...why not". and from there my obsession with photo was born. 

What a lot of people might not know is that I've been working 2-3 jobs since. A full time job and my side photography and videography businesses. I haven't cared because photography paired with video have been such a passion of mine. I love capturing people's stories. I love stopping moments of time, I love watching those secret looks people give. I love artistically capturing things that people have put their heart and souls into. I love using Video and Photo as a tool to showcase your style, your brand. I love brainstorming with clients and bringing daydream ideas to life. 

So here I am today and so excited to announce that I have decided to take a leap of faith and pursue Escaped Studios full time! 

Escaped Studios is here to be your lifestyle content capturers. (Get it - escaped/captured... ah ha!) 
But ultimately we're here to be your go to hybrid photography and videography studio for your most personal and professional moments. From Wedding/Engagements/Family/Newborns to affordable original photography and videography content for your blogs & business... we're here. 

I really want to thank everyone who has put their faith in me to capture their most important moments over the years. It has been such an immense joy for me to watch you grow and start your lives. 

Here goes nothing. Thanks again for your support. Escaped Studios is looking forward to our next phase and getting you booked for capture this year and beyond!